LOAN BABY S.A., is the result of 25 years of experience in the manufacture of items for light puericultura.

LOAN BABY S.A. has incorporated into new markets by adapting and equipping the company’s facilities to modern and sophisticated systems of manufacture, giving the agility and capacity of immediate control and movement.

For the last few years we have made a great business effort and introduced our products into countries en three different continents, being one of the few companies that make these products in Spain.

Before marketing, all our products are subjected to the most rigorous quality control process in-house. What is more, [AIJU] (the only Spanish laboratory in the field certified by the E.U.) carries out exacting resistance test to make sure or products meet the current safety standars established by the E.U., as well as chemical test to check that there is no possible migration of components in the composition of the raw materials we use. They certify each and every test and report in writing, so that we can offer our customers and final consumers the highest guarantee of quality, safety, and reliability in the whole range of our products. Therefore, our clients can have total confidence in Loan Baby Products.